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To access the SUPERSUPER program, you'll first need to join GuildSuper, the super fund powering SUPERSUPER. It's super quick


Click the activate link in the welcome email & fill in a couple of deets to confirm it’s you


Set up a password and
you’re in!
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How it works

SUPERSUPER is a shop-and-save super rewards program. SUPERSUPER lets you add more to your super every day without having to do anything extra.

We’ve teamed up with hundreds of retailers to offer cash rewards that are added to your superannuation account. You can shop your favourite brands and retire richer. So keep doing what you’re doing, and get more super.

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Choose vouchers from hundreds of retailers

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Pay for vouchers using My Cash account, credit or debit card

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Redeem vouchers in store or online and watch your super balance grow

Start saving more to your super, every day

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It all adds up

By completing your everyday shopping with SUPERSUPER you’ll be continually adding to your super account. And when it comes to your super account, a little extra can go a long way.

Small regular amounts added to your super can add up to thousands of extra dollars over time, thanks to the magic of compound returns.

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Start saving more to your super, every day

Sign me up 5 minutes is all it takes

Savings offered from 100’s of retailers

Whether you need groceries, gifts, gadgets or gardening gloves SUPERSUPER has you covered.

There are hundreds of retailers to shop with, including Coles, Woolworths, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, Target, Big W, Caltex Woolworths, The Good Guys, Rebel Sport, Hoyts, Jetstar, Flight Centre, BCF to name just a few. Growing your super has never been easier – or more fun. For a full range of retailers click here.

Buy shoes.
Earn super.

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Other benefits

  • Can generate super co-contributions

  • Can add to super while on maternity leave

  • Can build super for the self-employed

  • Can help grow first home deposit faster

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Start saving more to your super, every day

Sign me up 5 minutes is all it takes
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We’re making saving super easier and fairer for women and their families

In Australia, women are at higher risk of retiring with less money in their super than men. It doesn’t sound fair, because it isn’t fair.

We know it can be tough to save money into your superannuation account with all of the other daily expenses of life to deal with. It’s easy to think of your retirement as something to sort out later.

Instead of putting off saving into your super account, use SUPERSUPER to get ahead of the game - just by doing your every day shopping.

Frequently asked questions

GuildSuper is the super fund behind the SUPERSUPER program.

To access the SUPERSUPER program you do need to join or already be a member of GuildSuper. This fund is open to anyone to join and there are no additional fees for using SUPERSUPER.

GuildSuper was established in the early 2000s by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Initially set up to provide superannuation services to pharmacy workers, we have since grown to represent many professions.

As part of the Guild Retirement Fund, we look after the superannuation savings of more than 75,000 members and help more than 16,000 employers meet their superannuation obligations.

Open to all Australians, it is our mission to make super fairer and more accessible, especially for women and their families. We created SUPERSUPER - the first program of its kind – which lets you accumulate super not on what you earn, but also on what you spend.

More information
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Choosing a super fund is an important decision and one that we don’t want anyone to make lightly.

In the interest of transparency and independence, GuildSuper asked Chant West (an independent superannuation research company, www.chantwest. com.au) to gather information about other funds to see how we compare. The information gathered includes admin and investment fees, insurance premiums and investment returns.

See how GuildSuper compares. And for complete information about GuildSuper, always remember to check out the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
No, it doesn't. The SUPERSUPER program is available to all GuildSuper members as a part of their membership.
There’s a huge range of participating retailers in the SUPERSUPER program. For a list click here.
SUPERSUPER is a rewards program. But unlike other reward programs your ‘rewards’ go straight into your super account. Instead of getting random points that you’ll probably never use, when you shop with SUPERSUPER you get rewarded with money going straight into your super account.

For example, if you were to pay $100 for a $100 eVoucher to shop at a supermarket that offered a 5% SUPERSUPER reward, in addition to receiving the $100 eVoucher, you would automatically receive $5 into your super account.
No, it will cost the same amount.

That’s because with SUPERSUPER you simply shop as you normally would, but instead of paying with cash, credit or a debit card at the checkout, you pay using your pre-purchased SUPERSUPER voucher instead.
Yes, you can.

Of course, we always tell members that consolidating multiple super accounts into the one fund generally makes sense as it can make it simpler to manage your super, save money in fees and reduce paperwork. But if you don’t want to, that’s fine with us.
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A new scheme lets you earn superannuation while you shop

"It can sometimes be a fine line between gimmick and something of value when it comes to the funds' marketing, but this falls in the latter category."